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Why Danielle

Danielle wants to make our Commonwealth serve all, not just the few.

Massachusetts is an exceptional place, but many of our most critical systems are broken and tainted with deep injustice. The COVID-19 pandemic has both exposed and magnified a deep divide between those who are hard hit by the pandemic and those who are not; between those who live with job, income, and food insecurity and those who do not; and between those who feel they are part of the political process and those who feel they don’t compete on a level playing field. We need leadership that does more than call out the problems, but provides creative and collaborative solutions that rise to the complexity and magnitude these problems demand.

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Meet Danielle

As a mom, social entrepreneur, policy expert, and professor at Harvard, Danielle believes that we need bold action to make Massachusetts benefit everyone. She also has a long history of using collaborative leadership to solve big problems. This sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of others comes from her upbringing where she was taught to use her voice to lift up others.