Havard professor Danielle Allen announces historic run for governor


Allen is a political adviser, nonprofit leader and a Harvard professor. She has served as chair of the Mellon Foundation’s board and chair of the coalition responsible for the Biden/Harris Coronavirus Response Plan. Formerly, Allen made history as the youngest ever Dean of Humanities appointed at the University of Chicago. She currently heads the Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard and has now announced her run for governor of the state of Massachusetts. Allen is the first Black woman to run for governor in a major political party in the state’s 233-year history. 

“Imagine one commonwealth where those who are in power recognize their responsibility for the greater good, and for those who feel powerless are reconnected to their own agency for communal action. That’s what democracy is about,” Allen said during her campaign speech. 

She announced her candidacy in front of the Massachusetts State House this week, with “ReiMAgine,” signs surrounding her. . . .