Danielle Allen Unveils Ambitious Climate Agenda to Achieve 100% Renewable Energy by 2040, Create Green Jobs, and Prioritize Climate Justice

Boston, MA — Gubernatorial candidate Danielle Allen today unveiled her Climate Agenda – an ambitious strategy to respond to the climate crisis with the urgency it demands, ensure climate justice, particularly for communities of color, and create green jobs across the Commonwealth.

The agenda prioritizes achieving a 100% renewable energy economy and decarbonization by 2040; supporting climate resilience and climate justice; ensuring access for all to a healthy environment; and prioritizing infrastructure that supports and advances our climate goals. The full agenda is available here.

“The disproportionate burdens of climate change are borne by communities of color, low-income communities, and others on the frontlines of the climate crisis.” said gubernatorial candidate Danielle Allen. “We must secure access to green jobs and a healthy environment and create a sustainable future for our children.”  

In order to combat the climate crisis, an Allen administration will: 

  • commit to surpassing the Commonwealth’s current goal of being net-zero by 2050 – instead aiming to move Massachusetts toward 100% renewable energy and decarbonization by 2040. An Allen administration will not approve any fossil fuel infrastructure construction projects; 

  • divest pension and other state-held funds from fossil fuels;

  • embed equity into our adaptation plans and actions by combatting green gentrification and centering the climate leadership of communities of color;

  • adopt a Zero Waste strategy for the Commonwealth;

  • fully implement the Toxics Use Reduction Act, re-establish the interagency task force on nanomaterials, and protect the Commonwealth from PFAS exposure by supporting municipalities in bringing their water supplies into compliance with new state standards.

“The building blocks of a livable life — housing, health, transportation, schools, jobs, justice, community, sustainability, and empowerment — are all interconnected and must work together,” said gubernatorial candidate Danielle Allen. “Achieving an abundant supply of energy-efficient housing throughout the Commonwealth; building affordable and electrified regional and Commonwealth-wide transportation networks; developing healthy and green school buildings; and developing a good green jobs plan are top priorities to create a future where families across our Commonwealth can flourish.” 


Danielle is a nonprofit leader, policy innovator, educator, and mom. Over the last twenty years, she has led organizations at all scales from local civic education providers to the $6 billion Mellon Foundation. Her leadership is characterized by listening, collaborating, and innovating– as in leading a multi-disciplinary COVID response team that led to the Biden-Harris Pandemic Testing Board and an interstate compact to build out COVID testing resources. Learn more at https://allenforma.com/