Danielle Allen’s Statement On AG Healey’s Decision To Join The Governor’s Race

Boston, MAGubernatorial candidate Danielle Allen issued the following statement on AG Maura Healey’s decision to join the governor’s race:

“This election is about the urgent challenges we’re facing — from the pandemic, to the climate crisis, to racial injustice, to the strains on our democracy. Every single day, in every community in Massachusetts, people are struggling with the impacts of these challenges. So status quo is not an option. We need a fresh perspective that can see beyond the politics and start bringing us together to build solutions.

“I’m in this race — and I’ve been in it for a year — to make sure Massachusetts has a real choice. A choice between a perspective ready to meet the moment and business as usual. And a choice between the narrow solutions our politics have been offering us, or a chance to reimagine the possible, and bring everyone to the table to find a path forward that empowers all of us.

“As a longtime democracy advocate, an early voice on pandemic response, and a nonprofit leader with 20 years of public service under my belt, I stepped forward a year ago with the tools and skills to meet the moment. The need was clear then; it’s clear now. It’s been a tough, painful two years for people across our Commonwealth, and what we need now is the courage to fight for transformation — and the committed, collective work to deliver it. That’s the work to build common purpose and public commitment for change that I’ve been doing over an entire career — whether as an advocate fighting mass incarceration and the war on drugs, at the helm of major nonprofits harnessing civil society firepower for change, or laying the groundwork for a stronger democracy through civic education and democracy reform.

“This is what we need now — to  knit our diverse communities together into One Commonwealth, to reimagine the possible, and to deliver the green and healthy next-generation democracy we all deserve. After more than a year on the campaign trail, visiting communities across the state, I know how hard people are working to deliver that change — and I’m more committed than ever to working alongside them.”