Danielle Allen Condemns RNC’s Latest Attack On Democracy, Asks Massachusetts Republicans To Stand Tall For Democracy


Boston, MA — Gubernatorial candidate Danielle Allen issued the following statement on the RNC’s latest defense of the January 6 insurrection:

“Today, in calling the January 6 insurrection ‘legitimate political discourse,’ the Republican National Committee showed once and for all that Republican Party leadership is committed to eroding our democracy and dismantling the system that is the heart and hope of our country: the framework of constitutional democracy that allows us to come together, grapple with our issues from our diverse viewpoints, and ultimately find common purpose to build solutions. In doing so, they have abandoned our country and their own voters.

“If you joined the Republican Party because you’re committed to constitutional democracy and its protections of liberty, equality and justice for all, because you believe that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution set out the terms for self-government among free and equal citizens, and that the promise of such government continues to offer the best hope for human wellbeing — the Republican National Committee has just shown that this party no longer speaks for you. National Republican leadership has disregarded and rejected the clear and judicially certified operations of the rule of law and endorsed political violence as an acceptable path for litigating disagreements. For people who are tired of this corrosive path, there is a place for you in the Democratic Party we are seeking to build, where respect for constitutional democracy and its value to human beings is at the heart of everything we do.

“Our campaign is about solutions. If you’re committed to constitutional democracy — if you’re committed to coming together with people of all backgrounds in the understanding that we can best tackle our challenges if we do it together — there is a place for you on Team Allen for MA. We’re in the fight of our lives to strengthen our constitutional democracy and we need to do that together. Join us.”