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The MassDems hold caucuses every year across the Commonwealth to elect delegates to attend their annual state convention. This year, their caucus process and convention is focused on nominating statewide candidates, including Governor, to be on the ballot for the Democratic Primary in September 2022. 

What is a caucus?

A meeting at which registered Democrats of a town or city ward elect delegates to attend the MassDems State Convention in June 2022. Any registered Democrat can participate in their local caucus! 

Why are caucuses important to the campaign? 

In order to be placed on the Democratic Primary ballot in September 2022, all statewide candidates including Governor, need to receive support from at least 15% of the delegates at the MassDems State Convention in June 2022. 

The caucuses give the campaign the opportunity to showcase its grassroots support, while activating a Commonwealth-wide network of supporters ahead of the MassDems State Convention in June 2022 and the Democratic Primary in September 2022.


With the MassDems caucus window fast approaching, it’s time to start organizing to ensure Danielle gets the necessary delegate support she needs to be on the ballot for the Democratic Primary in September 2022. 

As we prepare for the caucuses, we need to recruit enough Caucus Captains, Caucus Delegates, and Caucus Attendees to support Danielle so the campaign comes out of the caucuses in the best possible position ahead of the MassDems Convention in June 2022. 

To help Danielle at your local caucus, we have three roles:

Caucus Attendee

A registered Democrat who attends their local caucus to vote for Danielle’s slate of candidates to be elected delegates. 

Caucus Delegate

A registered Democrat who runs as a delegate for Danielle at their local caucus. Delegates will go to the MassDems State Convention in June 2022 in Worcester to meet other Democrats, have their voices heard, and vote for Danielle! 

Caucus Captain

A supporter who organizers their friends, family, neighbors, and other supporters for their local caucus on behalf of the campaign. 

You can SIGN UP for any of these caucus roles RIGHT NOW!

Want more ways to get involved?

Join a weekly volunteer meeting! The campaign holds weekly volunteer meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. These are a time for us to have regular check-ins with volunteers and provide additional campaign guidance, resources, trainings, and action steps for volunteers to help us build our organizing capacity.

If you’d like to start attending our weekly volunteer meetings and helping with our overall caucus organizing efforts or just have general questions about caucuses, you can reach out to our Regional Organizing Directors James McCarthy ( or Arlenne Rodriguez ( 


Who can participate in caucuses?

In order to participate in or run to be a delegate at your local caucus, you must be a registered or pre-registered* Democrat by the start of your local caucus. 

You can check your current registration status here.

You can register or pre-register online here.

*You can pre-register to vote starting at the age of 16. If you pre-register to vote at 16 or 17, you will receive your voter confirmation information in the mail once you turn 18. 

When will caucuses occur?

The MassDems have set their caucus window from February 4, 2022 to March 12, 2022. 

Each Democratic Town or City Ward Committee Chair has the discretion to set the specific date and time of their caucus within that window. They must make this decision by January 28, 2022, and give public notice. All caucus information will be available at 

If a Democratic Town or City Ward Committee Chair does not make this decision by January 28, 2022 or there is no current Democratic Town or City Ward Committee Chair in place to make such a decision, Registered Democrats within a town or city ward can self organize a caucus of their own.

How many caucuses will there be?

Every town and city ward is eligible to hold a caucus. There will be roughly 600 individual town and city ward caucuses across the Commonwealth. 

Will caucuses be virtual or in-person?

The MassDems require every caucus to have a virtual option, but are encouraging Democratic Town or City Ward Committee Chairs to create a hybrid in-person/virtual conference.

How many delegates will be a part of the MassDems State Convention?

Roughly 5,000 total delegates will participate in the MassDems State Convention in June 2022. The vast majority of these delegates are elected through the caucus process. 

There are also other types of delegates that make up the rough 5,000 delegate figure though:

  • Ex-Officio Delegates – Democratic elected officials, Democratic Town or City Ward Chairs, and other MassDems executive members and leadership. 
  • Add-on Delegates – Democrats who get selected at-large through an application process to ensure proper representation for minority, LGBTQ+, youth, and disabled individuals. Priority will be given to those who attend their own caucus.
  • Alternate Delegates – though not included in the roughly 5,000 delegate figure, Alternate Delegates are also elected through the caucus process as back-ups if elected Delegates can not participate in the MassDems State Convention for any given reason.

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