Danielle's Plan

[To fill in a message from Danielle here about her philosophy on approaching issues]

Danielle sees the path to a fair and flourishing economy in a focus on good jobs, corporate purpose, and stakeholder capitalism.

Danielle sees educational excellence as depending on innovation in our approach to K-12 accountability to restore the joy of learning, positive labor-management relationships in schools, and reinvestment in public higher education.

Danielle sees sustainability as building from municipal climate action plans to statewide commitments.

She believes justice requires a focus on community and relationships, alternatives to incarceration, a public health approach to violence interruption, and health-based approaches to substance use disorder, as well as a good jobs economy.

She believes that securing a foundation of health requires innovation through the state’s Medicaid system to strengthen the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of health care provision to all residents of the state, and that the state needs to prioritize a new level of public health investment, including investment in health resources inside of schools.

Finally, Danielle believes that state-level democracy innovations can help rebuild our national constitutional democracy. These include election day registration; ranked choice voting; and making permanent COVID-related innovations such as expanded early voting, vote centers, mail-in voting, and the use of stadiums and arenas and other locations of public celebration as voting facilities.

Danielle also knows that she will learn from the people of Massachusetts about all these issues, and that solutions will come from building on the strengths of the state.

Danielle seeks to bring to as many people as possible the joy of empowerment, the true reward of participating in a community of free and equal self-governing citizens.