Gubernatorial Candidate Danielle Allen Releases New Book, “Democracy in the Time of Coronavirus,” Debuting at #1 in Health Policy New Releases

Boston, MA — Danielle Allen, leading political thinker and gubernatorial candidate, released a new book today titled “Democracy in the Time of Coronavirus,” which quickly became the number one new release in health policy on Amazon. In the book, Allen — who led a COVID response team that led to the Biden-Harris Pandemic Testing Board — offers up a critical look at the handling of the pandemic and calls for a reimagining of how America functions in times of crisis in one of the first retrospective publications on the subject.  

The Covid pandemic has claimed close to a million lives in the US alone, and wreaked extensive economic havoc — an outcome that could have been avoided if the government had been prepared to undertake comprehensive, contextually-sensitive policies. Democracy in the Time of Coronavirus takes stock of what the pandemic has shown us about weaknesses in our democracy and what we can do about them. It also reflects on the policy work Allen did in responding to the Covid pandemic. The thinking in the book is foundational to Allen’s agenda in her run for governor of Massachusetts. 

Allen analyzes how and why the US response to COVID-19 fell short, and suggests what should be done to better prepare for the next pandemic. Allen also argues that as a society, we need to build a new social contract in order to restore civic strength. A part of that new social contract is about taking a fresh approach to the relations between states and the federal government. The book also emphasizes the need to renew our moral commitments to one another across American society.