Danielle Allen Lays Out Roadmap for Excellence and Equity in Education in Newly Released Education Agenda


Boston, MA — Gubernatorial candidate Danielle Allen today released her education agenda, laying a pathway to a K-12 and higher education system that delivers for all as part of her continued commitment to the fundamental building blocks of a healthy and prosperous Commonwealth.  

Through a focus on early childhood education; personalization of learning; revision to the MCAS; debt-free higher education; investments in behavioral health resources, and green, healthy school buildings; and the Fair Share Amendment, Allen’s agenda will meet each student where they are, and help each navigate to what they need for growth.  

As governor, Allen will also deploy a commission on the Future of Education to plan for uniting excellence and equity and revising our approach to MCAS. 

An Allen administration would focus on education as an essential building block for a healthy Commonwealth by prioritizing the following:  

  • uniting excellence and equity through student-centered supports; 
  • building a strong foundation for every child through affordable, accessible early education;
  • fostering safe, supportive and healthy environments for learning; 
  • supporting diverse pathways to post-high school success; 
  • and restoring dignity and good working conditions for educators and effective family engagement.

“We have a critical opportunity to transform our education system into a truly equitable one. Although our Commonwealth has long been regarded as a beacon for education, we cannot obscure the fact that our education system is failing so many of the young people growing up in this state. The evidence of the massive disparities in outcome cannot and should not be ignored.” said gubernatorial candidate Danielle Allen. “We must act now to secure our education system and ensure that it delivers for all and not just some.”